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Archeology Distance Learning
Wondering what archeology is? Or what archeologists do? Are you curious about what people in the past did, or what they were like? Check out this information to learn about how archeology helps us to learn about our history.
Georgia Archeology Month goes virtual!
Traditional activities to showcase archeology this month will not be held this year, but there is a way to learn about archeology through virtual learning. New South Associates is transforming their annual Archeology Day event into a month-long virtual adventure! Digital exhibits will be released on a weekly basis throughout the month of May. Exhibits include interactive, engaging materials on topics such as archeology excavations, artifacts, basket weaving, atlatl throwing, flint knapping, pottery, and much more! Please visit the event web page each Tuesday in May for the latest exhibit releases so you can learn more about the science of archeology.

Become a Junior Archeologist while you learn about archeology!
Dig into the activities and puzzles to explore ways that archeologists make interpretations from evidence. Understand the key ideas in archeology, such as context. See if there is a particular kind of archeological study that interests you. Find out ways that archeological sites are threatened or destroyed. Learn about ethics - the rights and wrongs of archeology - and how you can help preserve archeological sites. Take your new knowledge about archeology to a park and meet a ranger! Do all of this while completing the Jr. Archeologist Activity Book.
Once you have completed the book, send it to Fort Frederica National Monument at 6515 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, GA 31522. We will return your book, along with a Jr. Archeologist certificate and a Jr. Ranger Archeologist badge.

On-line Learning Activities and Games
Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone: an interactive activity that allows kids to learn about archeology and stratigraphy.
American Museum Natural History: the site includes Archeology under the Ology series with games and activities that will help you learn all about the science of archeology.
KidsDiscover: a unit on archeology with on-line activities that includes a teacher/parent guide.
Planeta42: interesting games and activities to facilitate learning in a fun way.

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