Moment of Remembrance


What to Expect

Click here to watch the Moment of Remembrance take place at the Wall of Names and the opening of the Ceremonial Gate at Flight 93 National Memorial. The observance reflects on the loss of 2,977 people in the 9/11 attack. Witness the reading of the 40 passengers and crew members names. The Bells of Remembrance will ring after the reading of each names. 

Post Activity Opportunities 

Available only on September 11, 2023, students can ask questions during live Question and Answer sessions with Park Rangers. These sessions will begin at 1:00 pm ET and 3:00 pm ET. 

After watching the Moment of Remembrance, students have the opportunity to "Write to Remember", a collaboration with the National Writing Project. This activity allows students to share writing in response to prompts about Flight 93 and September 11th.  

Option 1: For grades 6-8, we suggest assigning each student a crew member or passenger from Flight 93 to learn more about. Students can explore the educational materials to learn more about each individual. Educators can also find further recommended reading titles related to Flight 93 to share with students. Once students complete their research, they are invited to follow prompt #1, and write a letter to the crew or passenger member of Flight 93 based on what they learned through their research. 

Additional Education Programs

  • Ranger speaking in front of camera.
    Virtual Tour

    Designed for students grades 6-8 to learn how the site honors the passengers and crew members.

  • ATM bank card belonging to hijacker laying on ground
    Investigating Flight 93

    Designed for students grades 9-12 to explore and learn the truth about Flight 93 through investigating the primary sources.

  • Student writing about a crew member of Flight 93.
    Write to Remember

    Designed to encourage students to write stories focused on lessons learned from Flight 93 Story and the passengers and crew members.

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