Basic Information

Entrance Fees:


Bottled water and light snacks are available for sale in the Visitor Center.

Motorcycles are welcome at the Memorial, designated motorcycle parking is located along the sidewalk closest to the Visitor Center.

RV's and other over-sized vehicles
RV's are welcome. There are over-sized vehicle parking spots in the parking area at the Visitor Center Complex and at the Memorial Plaza.

Please help the National Park Service in its mission to preserve, protect, and tell the stories of Flight 93.

The following policies exist to help meet that mission:

  • Solicitation - No solicitation, concessions, brochures, sales, signs, or advertisements are permitted anywhere.
  • Overnight parking or loitering at the memorial is prohibited.
  • Planting of trees, flowers, or shrubs is prohibited.
  • Structures - No structures are to be installed at the memorial.
  • Trash-Free - The memorial is a trash-free park. Please respect the memorial by taking your trash with you. Trash bags are provided for your convenience.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. At the Memorial Plaza and Visitor Center Complex smoking is permitted ONLY in the parking area and sidewalk areas leading to the facilities. Non-smoking areas are posted
  • Pets (with the exception of service animals) Pets are prohibited in all buildings.Pets are permitted in certain areas of the memorial provided they are on a leash and the owner must clean up after their pet.
    • Visitor Center Complex: pets are not permitted in the area immediately around the Visitor Center including the Flight Path Overlook and in the Visitor Center and the Learning Center.
    • Memorial Plaza: pets are permitted on a leash in the parking area and around the parking area;however,pets are not permitted in the area of the interpretive panels or the formal Memorial Plaza walkway to the Wall of Names. There is a mown path that parallels the formal Memorial Plaza walkway that does allow dogs on a leash. However, you will not be able to take your pet directly up to the Wall of Names from this trail. You will have be able to view the Wall of Names from a slight distance. Pets may not be left unattended.
  • Food and Drinks - At the Visitor Center and Memorial Plaza - permitted only in the parking area. Items purchased in the Visitor Center must be consumed outside of the building in appropriate areas.
  • Tribute Collection Policy - Flight 93 National Memorial has long been a place where visitors have brought tributes. Within hours after the crash, objects and messages have appeared and, in most cases, been anonymously left as signs of honor, respect and remembrance. From a heartfelt message scrawled on any type of paper found in a visitor's pocket to a carefully crafted banner brought from home, their words have expressed strong thoughts and emotions.
    • After preserving and cataloging tens of thousands of items into the permanent collection and after an inclusive decision-making process, the memorial will save only those tributes directly connected to the story of Flight 93 and the interpretation of the larger context of September 11.
    • Every tribute will be collected and considered for its contribution to the Flight 93 story, its exhibit value or research possibility by the Curator. Every item left is listed and noted in curatorial documentation. Items that are already preserved in abundance will no longer become part of the permanent collection.
    • At this time, all message cards left at the Visitor Shelter on the Memorial Plaza are saved as a complete archival collection. This collection is frequently requested by researchers and continually adds to the ongoing story.
  • Tribute Items - Visitors are welcome to leave small tribute items at the Memorial Plaza in the niches along the path to the crash site or at the Wall of Names. Items must be able to be hand-carried from the parking lot. Tribute items are not to be left at the Visitor Center Complex with the exception of wreaths in the wreath laying area.
  • Respect - The Memorial Plaza is a place for quiet reflection and expressions of respect.
  • Crash Site - The crash site itself is accessible only to Flight 93 passenger and crew family members. You may walk along a walkway along the boundary of the crash site and debris field.

Thank you for helping to honor and respect the stories of Flight 93.


Last updated: June 20, 2021

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