Fire Management

The fire and fuels management program at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument tries to protect ecosystems and communities. This critical work is accomplished by restoring fire's natural role in the environment and by reducing hazardous fuels.

10/17/16 - Update: The prescribed burn planned for this week has been postponed to due unfavorable local conditions. If conditions improve, the prescribed burn may be conducted next week.


Prescribed Burn October/November 2016
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument plans to implement a prescribed burn on approximately 180 acres of monument land along the northern boundary adjacent to Teller County Road 1. The primary goal for the project is to reduce accumulated hazardous forest fuels and to create a buffer near the monument's northern boundary to help protect adjacent neighbors and communities.

Prescribed burning operations are scheduled to being the week of October 17, however, fire managers must wait until specifically prescribed conditions are met.

Here are some resources about the prescribed burn:

Press Release and Flyer


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