Fossil Database (Unit 6) - Introduction to the Fossil Database

The Fossil Database is organized into three different searches: a search for museum specimens, a taxonomic search, and a bibliographic search. The three sets of records are cross-linked with each other.
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Museum Specimens Search

The museum specimens search provides access to records for individual specimens, including repository, where they have been published, and what taxonomic names have been used in those publications. Photographs of each specimen are available.

Taxonomic Search

The taxonomic search provides a way to search the most current taxonomic placement of Florissant species. Much of this information supercedes the information found associated with the museum specimens or in older publications.

Bibliography Search

The bibliography search makes it possible to search for literature in which Florissant fossils were described. About 4000 pages of relevant publications are available in a digital archive linked to the bibliographic database.

How to Search for Museum Specimens

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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