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What is this 50th Anniversary all about?

On August 20, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its designation as a National Monument. Fifty years ago, a passionate group of scientists, citizens, and local residents fought a grassroots battle to protect the area that is now Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Their efforts culminated in a landmark environmental law case that forever protects the fossils and other natural and cultural features of the Monument. For the past 50 years National Park Service employees, volunteers, and partners have continued this passionate effort to protect the area.

Events and Activities for 2019

In 2019, employees and volunteer, partners, community members, and the public helped celebrate the 50th Anniversary. During the summer, the park hosted a "Suds,Stumps, and Stars" event with the Friends of Florissant Fossil Beds. The park also hosted special science and history open house days. The main ceremony was on August 17th. There is still time to celebrate! The park has a hiking contest in honor of the 50th Anniversary and many 50th Anniversary items in the bookstore.

15 for 50 Hiking Contest (June 1 - end of October)

Hike all 15 miles of trails and earn a prize. Pick up your Trail Challenge Log at the visitor center. Over 100 participants have hiked the trails so far.

To learn more about Florissant Fossil Beds 50 years as a National Monument, view the

50th Anniversary Timeline

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