Nomination Process

The Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) is being used in some geographic areas for the submission and prioritization of course nominations. Please check the National Wildland Fire Training website for the specific nomination protocols for your geographic area.

National Level Training

All nomination for national level training will be routed through the respective regional fire management officer for regional prioritization. Nominations will then be forwarded to the Fire Management Program Center (FMPC) in priority order; the FMPC will then establish national priorities. An exception to this process is the S-520/620 courses; nominations for these courses are processed and prioritized according to the specific geographic area nomination protocols. National level training includes 500 and 600 level courses and all National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute (NAFRI) courses.

Geographic Level Training

All courses being sponsored by a geographic area should be routed through normal geographic area training nomination protocols. This may include 200/300/400 level courses and S-520/620.

Local Level Training

Nominations should be routed to the fire management officer and local training officers, as appropriate.