International Partnerships

Grand Canyon Park's chief exchanges gifts

A Slovenian delegation visits Grand Canyon National Park.

Global Partnerships for Parks and Protected Area Management

The United States is often considered a leader in park and protected area management. However, the National Park Service often learns about innovative practices from other countries' park agencies. Engagement with the international community is essential to global partnerships as we share resources, techniques, and lessons learned.

National Interagency Fire Center

The American fire community has long standing partnerships with many countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The National Interagency Fire Center is a leader in this arena.

National Park Service Office of International Affairs

The role of the NPS Office of International Affairs is to serve the National Park Service by engaging more fully the talents and available resources of the Park Service for the implementation of its domestic and global missions. It evaluates opportunities and coordinates responses involving the National Park Service in international programs, projects, and activities. It also provides leadership in the fulfillment of U.S. foreign policy objectives through implementation of treaty obligations and other agreements.