Employee Safety

Firefighter and employee safety is a core value and is intrinsic in all areas of wildland fire management

All fire management plans and activities must reflect this commitment. The commitment to and accountability for safety is a joint responsibility of all firefighters, managers, and administrators. In addition, the importance of firefighter and employee health cannot be understated.

The first thing a firefighter learns and the most important things to remember on the job are the 10 Standard Firefighting Orders & 18 Watch Out Situations. Known as the "10" and "18."

Forest Chain Saw Safety

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

The goal of the fire safety and health program is to provide direction and guidance for safe and effective management in all activities. Safety is the responsibility of everyone assigned to wildland fire, and must be practiced at all operational levels from the national fire director, regional director, superintendent, to employees in the field. Firefighter and public safety always takes precedence over property and resource loss.

Safety Resources