Articles and Publications

The NPS wildland fire management program strives to implement its programs using the best information and knowledge. Knowledge is acquired and passed along not only through rigorous scientific studies but also through sharing first hand experiences and success stories among fire professionals.

The information and links to the right will lead to resources that describe various aspects of the NPS fire management program.

Wildland Fire

Publications that may be printed on demand:

Wildland Fire in National Parks brochure – poster-size

2013 revision to National Park Service brochure highlighting various aspects of wildland fire in national parks, including ecology, tools, and history. Full-size version for printing on plotter: 16.5625 inches x 23.4375 inches. (3.07 mb)

Wildland Fire in National Parks brochure – letter-size

2013 revision to National Park Service brochure highlighting various aspects of wildland fire in national parks, including ecology, tools, and history. Letter-sized version – please be aware some text may be difficult to read – 8.5 inches x 11 inches. (2.49 mb)

NPS Fire and Aviation Management

Background and history on the three branches of Fire and Aviation Management: Wildland Fire, Structural Fire, and Aviation. Provides a good overview of the programs.

Burned Area Restoration

Learning from and about fire—efforts to study fire effects and continuously improve fire management.

Benefits of Fire

How will a wildfire impact your park visit? Q&A's to answer the common questions park visitors have when there's a plume of smoke looming above the treetops.

Wildland Urban Interface

Found in every part of the country, what can be done? Informational material that discusses how the wildland urban interface (WUI) came about and what can be done about it near national parks and other public lands.

NPS Fire Management Careers

Looking for a job and/or a career which combines love of the land, science and technology skills, leadership and people skills? Then you may be the right person for a job or career in Fire Management in the National Park Service.

Articles from Park Websites

Many parks have specific sites established to provide in-depth information on their fire management programs

Open Understory

The Southeast Region's wildland fire newsletter.

RX Effects

The newsletter of the Fire Effects Monitoring Program in the National Park Service. It is an outlet for information on Fire Effects Monitoring, FFI, fire research and other types of wildland fire monitoring.

Scholarly Research

The main NPS data repository also contains a wealth of searchable information, plans and scholarly documents related to wildland fire.

Joint Fire Science Program publishes the Fire Science Digest several times a year. It contains current research related to fire science.

General Articles

International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) offers a wide range of articles related to wildland fire.

Fire Management Today is a USDA Forest Service publication for new techniques, technologies, and ideas. It provides a forum open to anyone with anything useful to share with other wildland fire professionals.

Wildland Fire publications

There a variety of publications related to wildland fire available for scholarly research as well as general interest.