How Have National Parks Changed Over Time?

Viewing photographs of different eras in the national parks can give many insights on ecosystem processes, as well as simply change over time. The photographs associated with panoramic lookout photographs provide a window on the past, and an opportunity to compare to the present with changes to land forms and land cover.

Walking in the Steps of History

Ian Grob adjusts an Osborne photo recording transit looking out over mountain and valley.

Ian Grob, a US Forest Service employee collaborated with the NPS to retake panoramic lookout images in the same locations 70 years after the originals were taken.

Transportation Planning Project

A man looks through an Osborne fire finder with a mountainous view in the background.

The US Forest Service Transportation Planning Project was the basis for the National Park Service Panoramic Lookout Project which started in 1934.

Share Your Story

A man in Nomex sights through the Osborne camera while other group members work nearby.

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