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Wildland Fire

ABCs of Firefighting (.gif)

Basic fire behavior and the jargon used by professionals

Be Prepared In Case of Evacuation

Take 30 Minutes NOW to Prepare for an Evacuation

Current Wildland Fire Information

Link to InciWeb - Incident Information

Evacuation Plan is More Than You May Think

Everyone living in a wooded area should have an evacuation plan. It should be discussed periodically, and parts of it should be even be rehearsed.

Fanning the Flames (.gif)

Weather: What’s good news for firefighters, what’s bad news.

Firefighting Tools

Learn about tools used for fire management.

Fire Engines

Wildland fire engines come in different sizes (Types) depending upon the rate and type of incidents and fuels.

Fire Statistics

Current and historical wildland fire information from the United States.

FL DOF Forestry and Firefighting Air & Ground Equipment

Aviation equipment, ground and water handling equipment, and specialized equipment explained.

Introduction to Fire Behavior

Influences of topography, fuels, and weather on fire ignition and spread. Course through Meteorology Education and Training.

National Fire Maps

Variety of maps associated with wildland fire and fire weather.

National Fire News

Listings by state of large fire incidents - includes links to incident websites.

National Situation Report

Daily report about large fire incidents across the United States.

Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed.

Surviving the Storm

A guide for wildfire preparedness published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Wildfire...Are You Prepared

Red Cross publication with advice on how to prepare for a wildfire.

What to do When Wildfire Threatens

A document from the Wild Fire Lessons Learned Center decribing what to do when preparing for an evacuation, during an evacuation and when returning to your home after an evacuation.

Wildland Firefighter Gear

A basic description of the gear and protective equipment wildland firefighters carry.

Air Quality

AIRNow Air Quality Index

The EPA’s site for national, state and local air quality forecasts and warnings.

National Association of Clean Air Agencies—U.S. Agency Contacts

Links to all state air quality agencies and some counties

NPS Air Quality Web Cams

Take a look at live webcams in various national parks showing visibility and other effects of changing air quality.

NPS Air Resources

The home page for NPS Air Resources; find information on law, policy, monitoring and current air quality news.


CDC—Health Threat From Wildfire Smoke

A fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control outlining the risk factors and symptoms of smoke exposure, as well as ways to protect yourself from excessive smoke exposure.

EPA—How Smoke From Fires Can Affect Your Health

Learn more about the health risks of smoke from wildland fires.

Interagency Real-Time Smoke Monitoring

See real-time and historical smoke concentration data from monitors deployed at prescribed fires around the country.



Learn about the FIREWISE Communities program and how to protect your home from wildland fire.

Firewise for the Homeowner

FIREWISE resources for homeowners concerned about protecting their homes from wildland fire.

Homeowner Preparations Checklist

A checklist of FIREWISE practices from the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center.

How to Enjoy the Outdoors Safely During Fire Season

Tips for enjoying hiking and camping during fire season.

Landscaping for Woodland Homes

Pictures and descriptions of the landscaping zones surrounding a FIREWISE home, and what landscaping materials are acceptable in each zone. From the Virginia FIREWISE Landscaping Task Force.

NWCG Public Service Announcements

Learn about the role fire plays in promoting healthy forests; from the NWCG’s Wildland Fire Education Working Team.