Fireside Chats

Presentations about prescribed fire, burned area rehabilitation, Homestead National Monument of America, smoke management, and more...

Multimedia Presentations about Fire and Fire Management

Living with Fire and Smoke

An interactive story about the effects of wildfire and smoke on communities, how fire managers are taking steps to minimize those effects and residents can also use FIREWISE practices to further minimize the effects of wildland fire. View the Living with Fire and Smoke Reference Library.

Prescribed Fire Overview Case Study

What is the process behind using fire as a management tool? Learn all that goes into planning and executing a prescribed fire.

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER)

BAER, or Burned Area Emergency Response gives nature and communities a head start to recovering from a massive wildfire.

Homestead National Monument of America

An interactive story of maintaining the tallgrass prairie in Nebraska through prescribed fire.

Canaveral National Seashore

Restoring the fire-dependent ecosystem at Canaveral National Seashore, Florida.

Voyageurs National Park Case Study

The story of a wildland fire event that took place during summer 2004—The Section 33 Fire.

Prescribed Fire in the Southeast Region of the National Park Service

The importance of prescribed fire, as well as the prescribed fire process in the Southeastern United States.

Fire History

Fire History Timeline

Explore the past events that have shaped fire policy in the United States today.

Webranger Activities

Fire Tools

Learn about the tools firefighters use and play a matching game!

Fire Story

Understanding how fires behave. What does the NPS do when there’s a fire in a park?

Presentations from the National Parks and Regions

Big Cypress National Preserve: Mud Lake Mosaic

The documentary covers the management of the Mud Lake Complex, a series of wildfires caused by lightning strikes at Big Cypress in late spring 2015.

Redwood Ranger Minute: Chimney Trees

Although hard to imagine when you gaze upon a section of lush redwood forest, fire is a sculpting force in this ecosystem. Fire also leaves its mark on individual trees, sometimes creating what we call ‘chimney trees’. For a thrilling view inside a redwood, join Ranger Liam in this ranger minute!

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park —A Day Making Fire

Fire is part of the natural ecosystem and is also an effective management tool. Prescribed burns are utilized to reduce build up of fuels and are part of vegetation management.

Everglades National Park—The River of Fire

Watch a prescribed burn in the fire-dependent sawgrass prairie ecosystem.

Alaska Region—Wildland Fire in 40 Seconds—Dan Warthin

Meet student of fire and problem solver, Dan Warthin the Alaska NPS Regional Fire Management Officer

Chiricahua National Monument—Horseshoe Two Fire Podcast 2011

On May 8, 2011, the Horseshoe Two Fire started on the east side of the Chiricahua Mountains near the community of Portal. The fire continued to burn steadily, heading to the northwest, and on June 8, the fire reached Chiricahua Nation Monument, burning into the southeast corner of the park. In total, the Horseshoe Two Fire burned a total of 223,000 acres within the Chiricahua Mountains.

Wildfire Ecology at Great Sand Dunes

The Medano Fire began as a lightning strike in June 2010, and burned about 6000 acres in Great Sand Dunes National Preserve. Park Biologist Phyllis Pineda Bovin explores Medano Canyon in fall 2010 to give insights about aspens, bighorn sheep, wildflowers, and more. 9 minutes.

Grand Canyon National Park—Lookout Tower Sketches Vol 13—September 2009

Four Grand Canyon National Park Lookout Towers have been listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. E-newsletter includes 1916 Silent movie of early fire fighting efforts and 1995 Roy Lemons interview on staffing the Signal Hill lookout in 1937.

Grand Canyon National Park—Ponderosa Pines: Living with Fire

How is the Ponderosa pine able to grow throughout the American West? Well, the secret to the tree’s success is how well it has adapted to fire. Join Ranger Haley Bercot as she describes the unique ways in which the Ponderosa pine is able to protect itself from fire. (3:46)

Muir Woods National Monument—Fire in Muir Woods

The Johnson Fire at Muir Woods National Monument over Labor Day Weekend 2009 had the most potential for causing damage due to the rugged terrain on Mount Tamalpais where fire can be very difficult to control. A vivid account of this fire by a visitor who was there. (MP3, 4:15)

Yellowstone National Park—The Fires of '88

Learn about the impact the Fires of '88 had on the park and surrounding communities through an interactive fire map, archived video and timeline.

Yellowstone National Park - Wildland Fire Overview

Over the years wildfires have been viewed as catastrophes or as natural elements in a complex system. Learn more about wildand fires in Yellowstone in this short video. Written & Presented By: Park Ranger George Heinz. Uses Windows Media Player. (2:09)

Yosemite National Park—Restoring a Meadow

Local American Indians, park fire managers, and blackberry weeders team up to save a meadow in danger of losing its unique native plants. (7:00)

Yosemite National Park—Study the Scientist: A Fire Archeologist

Fire archeologist Jun Kinoshita came to Yosemite National Park in 2001. As part of his Yosemite duties, Kinoshita is the co-coordinator of the Resource Advisor Program, providing resource information--such as vulnerable plant or animal species, or cultural resources--before, during and after wildland fire incidents and prescribed burns. (3:40)