Fire Basics for Kids

Our Fire Basics section is designed for kids who want to learn more about fire.

Junior Firefighter Program

Do You Want to Be a Junior Firefighter?

The following National Park Service sites have junior firefighter programs:

There may be other parks not included on the above list that have a junior firefighter program. If you go to a national park, ask if they have a junior firefighter program to participate in.

WebRangers can also help junior firefighters learn about fire. Try the activities highlighted below to learn more!

  • Firefighting Tools Wildland firefighters use many kinds of tools to work on fires and to do different jobs more easily and safely. Try this “Discovery Tour” WebRangers activity for ages 6+!
  • Fire Story Somewhere in a National Park...a bolt of lightning hits a tree. A fire starts! What does the National Park Service do? Try this “Adventure Tour” WebRangers activity for ages 13+!
Jr Firefighters Badge

Junior Firefighter badge.