Educator Resources

The materials provided in this section of the website are one means of connecting students with the management of public lands and helping them develop skills in issue analysis and problem solving. These materials are designed to supplement your existing curriculum and lesson plans. You are encouraged to regionalize your materials to help students understand that fire is an issue in their own backyards.

Links to Fire Education Websites

A Test of Adversity and Strength: Wildland Fire in the National Park System (2005)

Comprehensive fire history of the National Park Service.

Fire Prevention Week

Established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, this webpage from the National Fire Protection Association has links for teachers to lesson plans, success stories, etc.

FIREWISE for Educators

Includes online curricula and links to other fire education oriented websites.

Games, activities and information designed to facilitate learning in the classroom.

Risk Watch

A comprehensive injury prevention guide for families, safety advocates and teachers.

USFA Parent / Teacher Lounge

The Parent / Teacher Lounge will help you guide children through the Kids Page. It includes discussion points for talking about fire safety and prevention with your kids offline, lesson plans, answers to the online quizzes, educational resources, and the Kids Page Feedback Form. The Kids Page is targeted towards children in grades Pre-K through third grade.

The Natural Inquirer - Wildland Fire Edition

The Natural Inquirer, was created so that scientists can share their research with middle school students and teachers. Each article tells you about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.

The Natural Inquirer—Wildland Fire 2 Edition

This edition of the Natural Inquirer focuses on wildland fire. Wildland fire has been defined as any fire occurring in vegetation areas regardless of how it was started. In this edition, you will learn about different types of wildland fires, including uncontrolled wildfires and fires purposely set and controlled by foresters to provide benefits to a natural area.

FEMA Resources for Parents and Teachers

The curriculum includes specific lesson plans and a fire prevention test for students. The lessons were created for use in elementary schools and day care centers.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group—Wildland Fire Website Bibliography

Links to a plethora of information regarding wildland fire, including Fire Education and Interpretation sites.