Educator Resources

The materials provided in this section of the website are one means of connecting students with the management of public lands and helping them develop skills in issue analysis and problem solving. These materials are designed to supplement your existing curriculum and lesson plans. You are encouraged to regionalize your materials to help students understand that fire is an issue in their own backyards.

Lesson Plans

Educators can utilize these different proposed lesson plans to educate their students about wildland fire.

Fire in My Backyard

Students will learn their awareness of fire in the wildland urban interface and learn fire prevention measures. Students should have an opportunity to learn strategies to protect their home, family and the wildlands.

Fire Field Trip

Students will learn why, how and when prescribed fires occur on tallgrass prairies. Witness a prescribed fire. Take photos and create a written documentation of the event.

Fire Adaptations

Discuss the adaptive strategies of plants and animals to survive fire. Observe plants and animals in your local area. Design a plant or animal that is adapted for fire survival. Students will be more aware of how plants and animals adapt to wildland fire.

Fire Feelings

Students will learn positive and negative effects of wildland fire and begin to form their own positions toward or opinions about fire ecology. Students will be able to explain some possible positive and negative effects of wildfires. Visit this website for more information on fire safety in your home.

Hot Questions

Do people think that the effects of fire are good or bad?

Your students can find the answers to these and other questions by making a fire questionnaire and asking friends, family, teachers and neighbors to participate in an opinion poll. Students will refine interviewing and researching skills.

Reporting the Blazes

Students will learn about sources of public information and how opinions are formed. Discuss reporting styles and identify words that may influence the readers'/viewers' opinions about forest fires.