Fire Stories

Fire stories from the national parks highlight events, incidents, and the like, associated with fire and fuels management, as well as fire education, technology, partnerships, and more. Stories highlight work related to Department of the Interior initiatives as well as local and regional initiatives.

A group of men stands in front of red brick buildings with green trim.

The historic bath house at Jacob Riis Park, part of the Jamaica Bay Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area, was heavily damaged by storm surge. Left to right: Jerry Langwell, Jason Whistler, Chance Paris, Todd Wood, Brian Earls, Kel Schoenhals, Jason Pender, and Shawn Burelson secured the building with fencing around the site.

Lake Meredith NRA and Borger City Firefighters Assist in Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, Texas

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NRA) has invested many hours training firefighters in the local communities to assist the National Park Service in a time of need. These local citizens are employed as Administratively Determined hires (AD) and utilize their skills to enhance the park’s workforce.

In November 2012, six Borger City firefighters and two crew leaders from Lake Meredith NRA were part of a 20-person saw team removing hazardous trees from damaged National Park Service sites during Hurricane Sandy response. They worked in the Gateway National Recreation Area, located around the Jamaica Bay in New York and New Jersey, including helping to secure areas including the Jacob Riss Park, Frank Charles Memorial Park, Hamilton Beach, Fort Tilden, Canarsie Pier, and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.   

The partnership between Lake Meredith NRA and Borger City not only provides qualified firefighters to respond to national emergencies but also provides qualified firefighters to protect our local communities from wildfires.

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