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Fire stories from the national parks highlight events, incidents, and the like, associated with fire and fuels management, as well as fire education, technology, partnerships, and more. Stories highlight work related to Department of the Interior initiatives as well as local and regional initiatives.

The ProRanger cadets group up for a photo near a stone staircase.

ProRanger cadets. NPS / Dr. Lavelle Merritt

ProRanger San Antonio Cadets Prepare for Wildland Fire

Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas
Cohesive Strategy—Response to Wildfire*

Big Thicket National Preserve hosted ProRanger San Antonio on March 12-14, 2012 for wildland firefighter training in the Piney Woods forests of East Texas.

Superintendent Douglas Neighbors provided the ProRanger San Antonio a warm southern welcome. Fire Management Officer Fulton Jeansonne and Wildland Fire Operations Specialist, Rodney Monk organized and led the training. Chief Ranger Merrick Moody was also present to motivate and connect with the cadets. Amistad National Recreation Area Chief Ranger Regina Klein joined the team to provide them with a law enforcement mentoring presence.

Cadets listen as a firefighter a hardhat provides instructions

Big Thicket fire staff preparing cadets for deployment of practice fire shelters. NPS / Dr. Lavelle Merritt

The ProRanger 2nd year cadets participated in an eight-hour classroom refresher focused on risk management and fire preparedness. The ProRanger 1st year cadets engaged in hands-on training involving hand tool safety, simple hose lays, pump operations, communication methods and land navigation along with successful fireline construction. This field day solidified the on-line S130-190 course that they had previously completed. All cadets successfully deployed their practice fire shelter, and participated in the pack test, where they carried 45-pound backpacks for three miles in less than 45 minutes. Twelve ProRanger cadets are now certified to participate in wildland fire management operations.

ProRanger is a career development program focused on creating new pathways for students into the National Park Service (NPS). Students in the program receive orientation, training, hands-on experience, and mentoring designed to help them succeed in an NPS law enforcement career.

The NPS Intermountain Region is preparing the ProRanger cadets in all the facets of natural and cultural resource protection and conservation, outreach education, and visitor and property protection. These young people are eager learners and physically and mentally active as stewards of our national parks. The current cohort of ProRanger cadets are now prepared for emergency response to wildland fire.

Contact: Fulton Jeansonne, Fire Management Officer


Phone: (409) 951-6850

*This story supports the Department of the Interior initiatives.