Fire Stories

Fire stories from the national parks highlight events, incidents, and the like, associated with fire and fuels management, as well as fire education, technology, partnerships, and more. Stories highlight work related to Department of the Interior initiatives as well as local and regional initiatives.

National Fire Plan funds, allocated through the California Fire Alliance provided a tub grinder to process debris left by California residents during a series of "brush drop off" days.

As Member of California Fire Alliance, National Park Service and Other Agencies Provide Community Assistance

Pacific West Region

The members of the California Fire Alliance share commitment to wildland fire protection in California. The Alliance, formed in August 2001, includes the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and the California Fire Safe Council. The Alliance has provided strategic community assistance with wildland fire protection over the past four years. This statewide effort has been exceptionally comprehensive, and has motivated significant involvement by communities throughout California.

Under the leadership of the Alliance, a single California Fire Safe Council Grants Clearinghouse has been established which promotes strategic and consistent funding assistance to local fire safe councils, and related organizations for projects supporting the goals of the National Fire Plan. In 2005, the funding members of the Alliance awarded $8.7 million to 127 community-based projects for hazardous fuels reduction, education and preparedness. These funds were matched by $3.8 million from local fire safe councils which are the bridge between the Alliance and California's communities at risk. The 130 fire safe councils across the state are made up of a wide range of public and private stakeholders. Several grant writing workshops and two regional meetings on community wildfire protection plans were held in California during 2005. The CWPP meetings each had approximately 150 participants representing community groups. The Alliance has also facilitated the CWPP process through its website, which has a new section on CWPPs this year. The site provides guidance and examples of plans which have been collected by the Alliance. To date, 52 CWPPs have been submitted with numerous others in the planning stage.

The California Fire Alliance has also become an avenue for interagency coordination of training initiatives for rural and volunteer fire departments statewide, in conjunction with the Rural Fire Assistance and Volunteer Fire Assistance programs.

The California Fire Alliance, and hundreds of partners throughout the state, are collaboratively "Working for a Fire Safe Future". As more Community Wildfire Protection Plans are completed, the Alliance will continue to play a coordination role in the implementation of the plans.

Contact: Sue Husari, Pacific West Regional Fire Management Officer
Phone: (510) 817-1317