Wildland Fire Strategic Planning

Wildland Fire Strategic Plan 2015–2019

The National Park Service Wildland Fire Management Program manages wildland fire to protect the public; park communities and infrastructure; conserve natural and cultural resources; and maintain and restore natural ecosystem processes. Too often our priorities have been defined based on budget availability which has inhibited our perspective rather than focusing on what is needed to accomplish the mission. The purpose of the NPS Wildland Fire Strategic Plan is to position the Wildland Fire Management Program for the future by identifying trends, reaffirming our values and establishing our priorities to meet the mission.

The goals, objectives, and strategies identified in this plan define specific priority areas to focus efforts to achieve the mission. Accomplishing the first goal, “align wildland fire management resources with mission requirements” is critical to our success with goals 2 and 3; “protect communities and assets” and “conserve natural resources”.

These wildland fire goals directly impact how the wildland fire management program plans, responds, and manages wildland fire. In addition, they establish the framework for effectively planning an efficient organization comprised of a well-trained and well-positioned workforce, and how to make the best use of appropriated funds.

Accountability for success resides with all individuals who implement the NPS Wildland Fire Management Program – national, regional, and park fire management staff, NPS leadership and others who engage in wildland fire management. As conditions inevitably change, and as progress is made toward the goals, the NPS Fire Management Leadership Board will continually monitor, review, and update this plan as often as necessary to ensure it remains a trusted reference point.

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Interagency Coordination

Healthy Forests and Rangelands
A portal to information about Interagency and Intergovernmental Wildland Fire initiatives. The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is a primary focus of this site. The Cohesive Strategy is a nationwide strategic plan that will help protect communities and natural resources, and most importantly, the lives of firefighters and the public. It is a long-term commitment based on cooperation and communication among federal agencies, states, local governments, tribes and interested publics.

Office of Wildland Fire
The Office of Wildland Fire (OWF) is headed by a Director who reports to the Assistant Secretary—Policy, Management and Budget through the Deputy Assistant Secretary—Public Safety, Resource Protection, and Emergency Services. The Director carries out the functions and responsibilities of the office with assistance from support, program and policy staff.