Prevention 52 provides relevant fire prevention messages every week of the year - 52 to be exact.

Remember, Prevention 52 begins with you!

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Prevention 52

Every structure fire that occurs in a park threatens life safety and erodes at the very things we strive to protect; NPS has lost too many historic structures and irreplaceable artifacts already.

In order to successfully achieve the NPS mission of protecting, preserving and sharing our nation's history for future generations, fire prevention needs to be a weekly event.

Prevention 52 messages are simple, relevant, educational, and actionable. This weekly fire prevention message is designed to reach NPS employees at all levels, and can be applied at the workplace and at homes.

What is Prevention 52?

  • P52 is an action-based fire prevention campaign that is simple and cost effective.
  • P52 is intended to educate and empower NPS employees to help prevent structure fires.
  • P52 is one part of the Structural Fire Program's response to the Director's Call to Action.

You have an opportunity every week to make a difference. Don't let historic ashes be your legacy.

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