Prevention 52

Prevention 52 begins with you and intends to educate and empower all NPS employees to help prevent structural fires.

Prevention 52 provides you with relevant fire prevention messages every week of the year – 52 to be exact.

You have the opportunity every week to make a difference. Don't let historic ashes become your legacy.

Christmas lights.


When most people think about the holidays, family festivities, good cheer and good food probably come to mind, but be aware that the holidays also present an increased risk of home fires. During the holiday season, home fires often involve cooking, Christmas trees, candles and holiday decorations. By taking some preventative steps and following simple rules of thumb, most home fires can be prevented during the holidays and beyond.

Use the Prevention 52 messages below to help you be fire safe every holiday!

Holiday Prevention 52 Messages

Deep Fried Danger

Turkey and all the fixings on a table

What day of the year is known for having the most home cooking fires?

Fire-safe Travel

Car loaded with presents and happy dog with head out window.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the busy holiday season. Take a few simple steps to ensure fire safety is part of your travel plans.

Deck the Halls Safely

Christmas tree with lights.

Want this holiday go down as one of the best rather than up in smoke? Find out how…

Hollywood Holiday Safety Tips

Blurred Christmas lights.

Name the holiday movie quote and learn about holiday fire safety tips: “If that cat had nine lives, it sure used ’em all.”

Fire-Safe Gifts

Wrapped Christmas gift.

This holiday learn how to give the gift of safety.

A Resolution You Can Keep

Clock and confetti.

New Year’s resolutions: Most of us make them, but do we stick to them? If you want one that is easy to achieve, read on…

Be Fire-Safe on Valentine’s Day

Colorful Valentine's Day Sweethearts candies with the message BE FIRE SAFE.

Light my fire!… but don't burn the house down in the process

Candle Safety


Candlelight dinners are romantic. Lighting the house on fire… not so much!

Fire Hazard Easter Egg Hunt

Colorfully painted Easter eggs.

You hear a commotion in the work space next to yours. You walk over to investigate and smell smoke. Your coworker exclaims “I think my computer is on fire!” What do you do?

Fireworks Pop Quiz

American flag.

Did you know that July Fourth has the most reported fires, with half being caused by fireworks? Take the Fireworks Safety Pop Quiz to see how fire safe you are.

Fiery Nightmare on Your Street

Carved jack-o-lantern.

A holiday traditionally filled with candles, torches, and flammable decorations, Halloween can provide some real scares, if proper precautions aren’t taken in advance.