Prevention 52

Prevention 52 begins with you and intends to educate and empower all NPS employees to help prevent structural fires.

Prevention 52 provides you with relevant fire prevention messages every week of the year – 52 to be exact.

You have the opportunity every week to make a difference. Don't let historic ashes become your legacy.

Drawing showing fire escape plan.

Fire Preparedness

Plan ahead! If a fire breaks out in your home or workplace, you may have only a few minutes to get out safely. Everyone needs to know what to do and where to go if there is a fire.

Also consider the special considerations when you have visitors/guests that are unfamiliar with your home or facility, places where large groups of people gather, and the challenges that people with disabilities or other limitations such as the elderly or very young might have trying to escape in an emergency.

Fire Preparedness Prevention 52 Messages

Assembly Occupancies – Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Group of visitors seated in auditorium. Text on screen reads: Grand Canyon Star Party.

A fire resulting from a concert pyrotechnics display in 2003 killed 100 people. What in the world does this have to do with the NPS?

Assembly Occupancies: Are We Ready?     

Pyrotechnics near ceiling of building, while below, people dance.

This Prevention 52 is dedicated to the 333 people that lost their lives in The Station and The Kiss nightclub fires.

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities

Wheelchair on fire.

People with disabilities are at risk when it comes to fire emergencies. Do you know how to make sure special populations are safe?

Practice Today for a Safe Escape

Fire escape plan drawing.

Do you have infants/children, older adults or persons with disabilities living under your roof? Do you work in an office? Do you travel for the government? Practice your escape.

Interview with a Groundhog

Groundhog in grassy meadow.

What can a groundhog teach us about fire safety? Find out here…

Fire Extinguishers

Top portion of fire extinguisher.

True or False: Any type of fire extinguisher can be used on any class of fire.

Fire Extinguishers 101

Red fire extinguisher on mustard-colored wall.

Although fire extinguishers have become commonplace and are easily recognized, many people still have misconceptions.


Text 911 overlaid over phone push buttons.

Got Fire? Get help. Call 911. And use these simple tips to be successful!

In Case of Emergency Call…?

Looking down side of fire engine from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Do all you can to prevent fires and other emergencies, but when one does happen (and one will) who do you call, and how? Find out…

Sound the Alarm!

Close-up of fire alarm.

Fire and smoke alarms save lives. Does your home and work building have fire alarms? Do they work?

Smoke and Fire Alarms

Smoke wafting up to smoke detector on ceiling.

Why do we in the NPS have so many buildings that need fire and smoke alarms but do not have them?

Change Clock Change Battery

Building engulfed in flames.

In 2008, a NPS park unit experienced a fire in a concessions employee dormitory. The alarm system did not have a working battery backup.

Fall Back on Sound Advice

House engulfed in flames.

Fall back on sound advice: because dead batteries are easier to replace than family members

It’s Time to Spring Ahead!

Smoke wafting up to smoke detector on ceiling. Text reads Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery.

“Spring forward” today! So remember: twice a year when you change your clocks, change your battery in your smoke detector.