Historic Ashes

El Portal Market

El Portal Market burns in Yosemite National Park. The historic building was a park fixture since 1934. Photo by Mindy Wiper.

The National Park Service has the honor and responsibility to protect many things including the historic structures found in many of the 408 park units. Some history is tangible and can take us back to a time and place of our past, to come to know and understand it. These buildings and artifacts tell a story of our national parks and of the American way of life… a story of who we are. Use this look back at the losses of our American and NPS heritage to inspire and direct our efforts to protect what still remains.

Learn about the historic Glacier Point Hotel.

Documenting Our Past Losses

We are documenting historic structural fire losses in the national parks.

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If you have photographs, investigative reports, newspaper clippings, or other supporting documentation that will give a more comprehensive view of a structural fire incident that occurred in the national parks help us document the loss. Use the below Historic Structural Fire Incident Database Information Form to provide more information regarding the incident, then use the second form at the bottom of this page to send scanned materials.

Personal photographs, taken outside of work hours, will need to be accompanied by a photo release form.

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