Structural Fire Strategic Plan

This multi-year strategy takes into account the unique and multifaceted mission of the National Park Service and specifically the responsibilities the NPS has for structure fire protection. It provides focused guidance to national, regional and park management on all aspects of a comprehensive structural fire program.

Strategic Plan Purpose (2017-2022)

The National Park Service (NPS) has the challenge and responsibility of preserving and protecting human life and the resources entrusted to its management.

These resources include 27,000 structures, many of which are historic, and the largest system of museums in the world, holding more than 48 million objects and specimens and 79,000 linear feet of archives.

The Structural Fire Program strives to prevent structural fires by working collaboratively with regional structural fire managers (RSFMs), facilities managers, cultural resources managers, commercial services managers, park structural fire coordinators (PSFCs), and all NPS employees and partners to appropriately address structural fire protection and prevention needs.

Looking back over the past century of stewardship, many lessons have been learned from our structural fires, some of which are illustrated in this document. Looking forward, this strategic plan will provide the vision and philosophy to guide the Structural Fire Program during the next five years in making decisions and developing priorities, budgets, and work plans.

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