Structural Fire Strategic Plan

This multi-year strategy takes into account the unique and multifaceted mission of the National Park Service and specifically the responsibilities the NPS has for structure fire protection. It provides focused guidance to national, regional and park management on all aspects of a comprehensive structural fire program.

Strategic Plan Introduction (2010–2015)

The National Park Service (NPS) enabling legislation, as well as other statutes, charges the Service with preserving and protecting human life and the resources entrusted to its management. These resources include buildings and structures, irreplaceable cultural resources, valuable property, and infrastructure.

NPS maintains a structural fire program capability that meets the diversity and complexity of the different units of the System. The structural fire program provides Service-wide policy, standards, operational procedures, and accountability. The program ensures that all areas within the system have an appropriate level of structural fire protection that is provided in a safe and cost-effective manner by qualified personnel.

The Structural Fire Management Strategic Plan provides vision and philosophy to guide decisions about priorities, scope, and direction of the structural fire program. Program decisions, major initiatives, and work plans will be tied to this plan.

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