Photo and Video Contest

The National Park Service Fire and Aviation Photo Contest began as a means to obtain photos for the annual fire report. It has evolved over time and now provides an opportunity to highlight the quality work happening in NPS Fire and Aviation Management and provide photos not only for reports, but for requests from the Department of the Interior, Congress, as well as for National Park Service Division of Fire and Aviation needs.This year, for the first time, there is a video contest in addition to the photo contest, which will provide the opportunity to highlight quality work in a whole new way.

The contest fosters community interest and involvement in NPS fire and aviation management activities and we encourage entries from NPS employees, other agencies, and the public.

Winning entries in the photo contest will be featured on our Facebook page, as well as in our next calendar.

You can view photos and videos that have already been entered into the contest at

Winning video contest entries will be highlighted on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

We look forward to your photo and video entries. Head over to the entry form to get started!

Collage of images for the NPS Fire and Aviation photo and video contest.

The Rules

  • You can enter five (5) photos and five (5) videos with one photo or video per submission. Please keep in mind that the subject matter must directly relate to wildland fire, structural fire, or aviation management activities or programs in the National Park Service. Photos and videos that do not directly relate will be disqualified.
  • Photos and videos must portray proper safety equipment and procedures for staff including all relevant proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Photos / videos not showing proper safety equipment and procedures will be disqualified.
  • Government employees: If a photo or video shows members of the public and focuses on individuals (rather than a general group), the photographer / videographer must have a release on file that those individuals have granted permission to take and use the photo / video. See for release form.
  • If a photo had been voted upon in a previous NPS Fire and Aviation photo contest, it is not eligible to be entered into this contest [e.g. if you entered a photo in the 2011 NPS Fire and Aviation Photo Contest, it was never voted on, so it may be reentered into this contest].
  • Images may be color corrected in Photoshop or another image editing program if needed, however images that have been clearly "Photoshopped" or modified in another image editing program will be disqualified.
  • Don't have a Facebook account? Use this form to enter the contest. Don't forget to attach your saved entry form and photo / video to the email.
  • Questions? Contact us at