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Windows Into Wonderland (this is currently offline)
Explore Yellowstone national Park's award winning, curriculum based electronic field trips! Since 2001, Yellowstone has been offering eTrips to share the resources and treasures of the world’s first national park. Embark on these exciting interactive adventures and look through new Windows Into Wonderland.

Yellowstone's Digital Slide File
A collection of more than 13,000 publication quality images covering msot areas and resources found within the park.

William Henry Jackson photo collection
United States Geological Survey has an extensive collection of William Henry Jackson photographs taken during the 1871 Hayden Expedition which are available in a digital format online. (Select "Pioeneer Photographers" from left hand menu.)

Yellowstone's Virtual Tours
A collection of tours focusing on Yellowstone's natural resources.

Science Talks
Scientists who conduct research in the park occasionally present talks to park staff. These are available online in both dial-up and broadband versions with transcripts.

Other Sources

USGS 3D Tour of Yellowstone
Explore both historic original stereographs of Yellowstone purchased as souveniers by Emma Sanor (from Minerva, Ohio) while visiting Yellowstone in 1916, and modern day 3D photography (requires red-and-cyan stereo viewing glasses).

Infrared Yellowstone
A gallery of infrared and visible images of Yellowstone's hot springs, geysers and mudpots.

T.B.I. Electronic Resources Web Page
The Thermal Biology Institute at Montana State University has an extensive collection of electronic resources, including an image gallery, video gallery and useful web links.

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