African American Heritage & Ethnography Introduction: Learning Resources Center—Links


Historic Contexts

  1. Learn more about what archeology has uncovered in Jeno-Jenne about the past of the Mande people.

    Visit the Rice University Mali-Interactive Project. Please copy and paste the URL below to view the site.
    On the home page enter the search term: "Mail Interactive Project"

  2. Learn more about the early history of African civilizations that were the origins of enslaved African peoples who helped explore and settle the New World.

  3. Learn more about Timbuktu

  4. View a 16th century artist’s rendition of the “Great Chain of Being“

  5. Read the Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery

    Pennsylvania State Archives

  6. Learn more about how 17th century enslaved and free Africans used the courts to gain justice