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A hiker with a backpack stoops down to look at a hole in the cooled lava.


Lace up your shoes and explore a trail!

A smiling park ranger points at wildflowers.

Ranger Programs

Learn something new with a park ranger!

Yellow sandstone takes on a pinkish hue at sunset with sandstone cliffs and a lavender sky at sunset

Scenic Driving

See what you can see from the comfort of your car!

A caver crawling on their hands and knees shines their light into a wide crawlspace.


See what you'll discover in a lava tube cave!


El Malpais National Monument offers a little bit of everything. Scenic overlooks, easy drives, short walks, strenuous hikes, caves, and rugged backcountry camping. These countless opportunities offer glimpses into the geology, history and culture, and wildlife of the region.

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Last updated: January 4, 2021

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