America is a nation of immigrants. We prosper on the contributions of the many cultures and traditions of people who have, and continue to shape our American landscape, past and present. There is no one story that inspires our American Narrative, but a collection of heartening accounts from past and present that have influenced our commitment to show the humanity of our immigrant experience. Our mural compares the history of Ellis Island to present stories of immigration today. While we set out to display the similarities and differences of this journey, we ultimately gravitated towards the courage it takes for an individual to build a future in America from the margins. America offers a beautiful dream to attain, but this reality is not fair for all, nor is it without sacrifice or challenge. We wish to honor those who make this journey, those who have courage, those who dream big, and those who work remarkably to create opportunity despite fear, policy or prejudice.


As you know, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are one of the over 400 National Parks in the United States. How has this project impacted your understanding of the National Parks?

Eden sees this project fitting New York City’s diversity
Nathaniel – The National Parks can bring out the message of immigration that other institutions cannot
Mei – “The National Parks represent the immigrants and their stories”
Gabby – Sees the panels help visitors connect more deeply to immigration
Ranin – “The National Park Service values immigration”


What is the main message you want visitors to take away from the murals?

Ranin – The panels reveal that “immigration is beautiful”


Last updated: October 16, 2015

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