Now I lay me down to sleep

"Now I lay me down to sleep" ; Edison Talking Doll cylinder, brown wax ; Heitz collection

Photo credit: Michael Devecka

Title: Now I lay me down to sleep (English bedtime prayer)

Record type: Edison Talking Doll cylinder, brown wax (production design)

Recording date and location: c. February to May 1890, Edison Phonograph Works, West Orange, New Jersey

From collection: David Heitz

Provenance of the cylinder: Unknown.

Source of the digital audio: Collectors David Heitz, Peter Dilg, and Chuck Azzalina digitized this cylinder on February 11, 2002, at the home of David Heitz, using Dilg's custom-made stylus-playback apparatus: 0.75 mil ball stylus, Pickering V15 cartridge, and a DC gearhead motor to turn the doll mandrel.


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