Hickory, dickory, dock ; Edison Talking Doll cylinder, metal ; TENHP collection

Hickory, dickory, dock ; Edison Talking Doll cylinder, metal (prototype design) ; TENHP collection (EDIS 1565)

Photo credit: Michael Devecka

Title: Hickory, dickory, dock (English nursery rhyme)

Record type: Edison Talking Doll cylinder, metal (prototype design)

Recording date and location: probably early 1889, Edison Phonograph Works, West Orange, New Jersey

From collection: Thomas Edison National Historical Park, National Park Service

NPS object catalog number: EDIS 1565

Provenance of the cylinder: National Park Service museum curators first cataloged this cylinder in 1969. It was found attached to an experimental doll mechanism (catalog number EDIS 1564), located in an experimental shop room on the third floor of the Edison Laboratory.

Specifications of the cylinder object:

· Outside diameter: 3.0 inch

· Inside diameter: 2.75 inch

· Width: 0.5 inch

· Thickness: 0.12 inch

· Groove type: Vertical square-cut.

· Groove turns per inch: 50 TPI

· Markings found inside the cylinder: "hickory 120" "T 130".

Source of the digital audio: The cylinder was digitized on July 25, 2011 at Thomas Edison National Historical Park using an Archeophone cylinder playback machine.


Last updated: April 12, 2015

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