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Electric Cars at the Glenmont Garage

Meet and talk to real-world owners of electric cars, get the low-down without the hype. Meet owners of Tesla, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Honda and more. Find out what it’s really like to "drive electric." Members of the New Jersey Electric Auto Association (NJEAA) will be at the Glenmont Garage along with their cars—the fulfillment of Edison’s early twentieth-century attempt to equip automobiles with battery power. The electric cars will all parade onto the Glenmont grounds at 11:00 am and then parade out at 4:00 pm. The Glenmont Garage will be open to see the historic electric car charging station and three (3) of Edison’s electric cars.

1914 Detroit Electric Model 47 - manufactured by the Anderson Electric Car Company, this four-passenger model was a favorite of Mrs. Edison’s. The car was powered by Edison batteries in both the front and back of the car. It was advertised as having a range of 80 miles between charges, and a speed of 20 mph. During development testing, one vehicle ran 211 miles on a single charge. This car has Edison’s TAE monogram on the doors.

1908 Locomobile - Locomobile was based in Bridgeport, Connecticut and started by producing steam-powered cars similar to this model. The company switched to manufacturing gasoline powered cars after several years. They focused on producing small numbers of luxury cars, touting the slogan "Never more than four a day." Hurt by the Great Depression, production of Locomobiles ceased in 1932. This early model was used by the Edison company to test storage batteries.

Detroit Electric Model L-1 - Until the development of the electric starter in gasoline powered cars, electric cars such as this one were popular with woman and physicians. They were easy to start, just turn on the batteries. Early gasoline cars had to be started by cranking the engine with a handle in the front of the car. This took a certain amount of strength, and could take some time. This two-passenger model uses a fold down tiller instead of a steering wheel to maneuver the car.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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