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Thomas Edison's wood paneled library- three stories tall. Featuring a movie projector and statue of and angel sitting on a broken gaslight holding a light bulb.
Thomas Edison's Library

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While taking a virtual tour of Thomas Edison’s Laboratory, see how many items you can spy. Start by looking for 6 items on each floor. Keep trying and see if you can find all the item. Good Luck!

Here is the link to Virtual Tour.

Library- On the website, click the 5th picture from left. You are standing inside Thomas Edison’s library; the below 15 items will be found solely in this room.

During much of his 44 year career spent at the West Orange laboratory, Thomas Edison routinely began his day inside this room, the Library. In the Library, Edison would read mail, conduct meetings with visitors, hold demonstrations of inventions, and handle business matters. For Edison’s staff, it was a place of endless knowledge; the thousands of books inside the library were available for staff to use for research purposes.
  1. Something with the number 73
  2. Globe
  3. 3 Fire Extinguishers
  4. Henry Ford
  5. Sculpture bust of Thomas Edison
  6. Letter “E”
  7. Aerial View of West Orange Lab
  8. Bird
  9. Film Projector
  10. Rolled up projector screen
  11. Train
  12. A red-covered book
  13. Pillow
  14. Wastebasket
  15. 2 black hats

Second Floor- On the website, you will see the numbers 1,2,3 vertically positioned on the right side of the screen above the directional tool. Click “2”; These items will be found solely on the Second Floor.

The Second Floor contained offices, a Precision shop for creating prototypes of smaller items, and a personal experimenting room for Thomas Edison.
  1. “Room 12”
  2. Corner sink
  3. “No Admittance”
  4. A memorandum enforced by New Jersey Department of Labor
  5. “5”
  6. A kinetoscope
  7. Red Bucket
  8. Green Lampshade
  9. Red Lightbulb
  10. 1:06pm
  11. Clipboard
  12. Funnel
  13. Ruler
  14. A stool
  15. Apron

Third Floor- On the right side of the page where you see the vertically arranged numbers 1,2,3, Click “3”; all the following items will be found solely on the Third Floor.

The Third Floor contained mostly space for experimenting with sound reproduction via the phonograph. During the early 20th century, a photographer studio, a darkroom, and additional experimental rooms may be found here as well. Today, much of the floor displays museum artifacts.
  1. A camera; this one is not handheld or small enough to be inside your phone
  2. Piano
  3. Toy Doll
  4. Fan
  5. Electric iron appliance
  6. Edison Portland Cement Company advertisement
  7. Steering wheel
  8. Spoon
  9. 10 Busts of Edison
  10. Baseball Player
  11. Fire Hose
  12. Hand-crank for phonograph handle
  13. 5 sound-amplifying horns
  14. Wall-mounted pencil sharpener
  15. “Exit” Sign

How many could you find? What was the most interesting thing you found?

If you would like to learn more about an object you saw on the tour,
send the ranger and email to ask your questions.

Last updated: April 24, 2020

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