Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site?
The site is located at 532 N. 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

Where can I find directions and information about parking?
Check out our Directions page for driving directions as well as mass transit options.

What are your hours?
The site is open Friday through Sunday from 9am - 12pm, and 1pm -5pm. The site closes from 12pm - 1pm.

Is there an admission charge?

Do we need reservations?
Individuals and families do not need reservations. Reservations are recommended for groups of 10 or more. School programs require reservations.

How long did Edgar Allan Poe live at the house?
He lived in Philadelphia for six years, but he only lived at this house for about a year, 1843-1844.

Did Poe publish any well known tales or poems when he lived at this house?
He published the The Gold-Bug and The Spectacles while residing at this location.

Where is Edgar Allan Poe buried?
Poe is buried in Baltimore, Maryland.

Did Edgar Allan Poe suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness?
Check out the evidence for yourself in Poe's Character Under Attack.

Did Edgar Allan Poe marry his cousin?
Yes. Virginia Clemm Poe was his first cousin. At the time of their marriage, he was 27 years old and she was a few months shy of her 14th birthday.

Last updated: April 17, 2022

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