Schedule Updates

Construction Management Representative (CMR)

  • The contractor is required to submit an updated schedule for review on a monthly basis. Refer to the Division 01 Specifications Section 013216.
  • Review the Contractor's Schedule Update Submittal for completeness. See the Schedule Update Worksheet.
  • Document the required information in the Schedule Update Log.
  • Complete the Schedule Update Worksheet in preparation for the monthly schedule update meeting.
  • Provide input at the monthly schedule update meeting and follow up with the contractor to ensure all comments have been incorporated and a current accepted version submitted. Refer to the Division 01 Specifications Section 013216 for more information on the schedule update meeting.
  • Utilize the current accepted update to monitor monthly progress and schedule impacts.
  • If, as a result of the monthly schedule update, it appears the schedule no longer meets contract requirements or does not represent the actual prosecution or progress of the work, notify the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).
  • The Contractor may also request revisions to the schedule in the event their planning or the work is revised.


Document Control:

  • Provide paper and native electronic copies of schedules and all revisions to the Contracting Officer (CO).

Last updated: November 8, 2012