Request for Information (RFI) - Electronic Process (SharePoint)

Contracting Officer (CO), Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Construction Management Representative (CMR), or Project Manager (PM)

  • An e-mail notification is sent when a Request for Information (RFI) is posted on the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
  • On the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website, review content for completeness and clarity.
  • In the Questions/Response field, provide response or recommend a Reviewer.
  • In the Send-To drop-down menu, select COR.
  • Respond in timely manner to avoid impacting Construction Contractor's work.
  • View dashboard for RFI status. Discuss status at weekly coordination meetings.
  • COR releases final response to Construction Contractor. CMR and COR determine if response to RFI will result in a change to the contract.
  • CO will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) if modification is required. (Refer to Contract Modifications.) If RFI is not considered a change to the contract, respond on or before response date shown.


Last updated: November 27, 2017