Project Photographs

Construction Management Representative (CMR)

  • Digital images are taken of existing conditions before commencement of each major phase of work, unacceptable or disputed portions of the work, subsurface conditions, progress and workforce/equipment, work to be covered, rejected work, safety issues, and completed phase and/or project.
  • Progress images (minimum of three) shall be e-mailed to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) on a weekly basis.
  • Label all media to show park, PMIS number, contract number, project title, date, photographer, and explanation of the subject. (See templates below – alternate log will be acceptable provided the same information is conveyed.)
  • Archive project photos, saved as *.tif files, recorded on CD-R or DVD-R. Forward all disks of digital images to the COR at end of the project.


Last updated: November 8, 2012