a small blue fish with darker fins in a yellow green algea

NPS photo

Devils Hole pupfish
Cyprinodon diabolis

(Conservation status: endangered species)

Found in Devils Hole, 37 miles east of Furnace Creek, in western Nevada.

two fish together, one with blue and yellow coloration the other blends in with the sand

NPS photo

Salt Creek pupfish
Cyprinodon salinus ssp. salinus
(Conservation status: endangered)

Found in Salt Creek in the central part of Death Valley. A boardwalk along the Salt Creek Interpretive Trail allows for easy viewing of the fish in Winter and Spring.

small tan fish swim in a shallow sandy area

NPS photo

Cottonball Marsh pupfish
Cyprinodon salinus milleri

(Conservation status: threatened species)

Found in Cottonball Marsh on the west side of central Death Valley.

a small silver fish on tan soil

NPS photo

Saratoga Springs pupfish
Cyprinodon nevadensis ssp. nevadensis
(no official conservation status)

Found at Saratoga Springs at the south end of Death Valley.

two small silvery minnow like fish held in a hand

NPS photo

Amargosa pupfish
Cyprinodon nevadensis ssp. amargosae
(conservation status: vulnerable)

Found in the Amargosa River northwest of Saratoga Springs.


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