Vehicle Testing

Death Valley National Park has issued special use permits to the automobile industry for a number of years to allow heat testing in its unique climate. All applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of testing. If you have tested in the past, please read the information below carefully as our requirements for application have changed. If you would like to apply for a permit to test vehicles you must submit an application along with the following materials:

Company Umbrella Permit

An application package must be submitted by any company planning to send trip leaders into Death Valley National Park to test vehicles. The resultant permit will cover all trip leaders with bond and liability insurance. It will be valid for one year. Please submit the following items

  • An application.
  • An application processing/monitoring fee of $300.00 ($210.00 application processing fee + $90.00 monitoring fee). Please make checks payable to NATIONAL PARK SERVICE or if paying by credit card go to this website: and include a copy of your receipt with your application.
  • A $5,000.00 bond. The bond should be issued by a bonding company and valid through the last day of the year. The original signed bond will be held on file in the Death Valley National Park Office of Special Park Uses and must be signed by an officer of the company. A list of eligible bonding companies may be found on Treasury Circular 570
  • Liability Insurance Certificate listing the United States; as "Additional Insured" with a minimum of $1,000,000USD of liability coverage.
  • Send the completed application package to e-mail us

Trip Leader Package

Vehicle testing permits and addendums will require at least 2 weeks to process. Plan ahead—we will not be able to process emergency requests. Each trip leader may bring no more than 8 vehicles into the park for each test trip.

An addendum must be obtained by each trip leader. The resultant addendum will cover only the trips that individual leads into the park during the testing season. It will be valid for one calendar year only. For Individual Trip Leader addendum please submit:

For a Testing Trip

  • Each trip leader must e-mail a Vehicle Test Trip Data Sheet (VTTDS) to the Office of Special Park Uses (e-mail us) at least 7 days prior to the trip. This will ensure that your test trip is included in the weekly law enforcement update and that the visitor center will be prepared for your arrival when you check in.
  • Visitor Center/Window Sticker: Trip leaders are required to get a window sticker for each vehicle when they arrive in the park. To obtain a window sticker leaders must bring their permit with their addendum attached, along with a drivers' license, to the visitor center front desk.
  • To begin testing EACH VEHICLE must arrive in the park with a paper copy of the fully-executed umbrella permit with a trip leader addendum attached. If each vehicle does not have a copy of the permit, you will not be permitted to test. There is NO PLACE to make copies in the park--the visitor center cannot make copies for you. Trip leaders may have to travel as far as 60 miles one way to make necessary copies. Arriving in the park without the proper documentation may result in an adverse notation being placed in your corporate file.
  • Faxed test trip data sheets will no longer be accepted.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Special Park Use at 760-786-3241.

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