School Groups at Scotty's Castle

School Reservations and Fee Waivers

Want to learn more about the cultural/human history of Death Valley? Scotty's Castle provides a unique opportunity to learn about one of the more famous characters of the area. The living history program allows students to take a step back in time to 1939, allowing for an understanding of what it took to live in such an extreme desert environment without the technology that exists today. It also provides an opportunity for school groups to incorporate mining history and history of Native Americans in Death Valley to satisfy the class curriculum.

Ranger-led programs on a Death Valley related topic (i.e. desert plant and animal adaptations) can also be developed for your school group if given enough advance notice. Please ask about this when making your reservation.

Making Reservations

  • School groups will make reservations similar to those noted in the Group Reservations page of this website.
  • We strongly suggest school groups make reservations 3 - 6 months in advance.
  • If you do not book tour times in advance you are welcome to fill tours on a first come, first serve basis. There may be a 1 to 2 hour wait before your group can take a tour.
  • School groups with confirmed reservations must arrive at Scotty’s Castle at least 30 minutes before booked time. If the group fails to arrive on time, the tickets will be sold to other visitors.
  • Due to the demand for group bookings, you are requested to notify us of any cancellations or changes in the number of people on your tour. We use these numbers to save spaces for your group and will sell any excess spaces to other visitors.

Fee Waivers

  • School groups may qualify for an educational fee waiver for tours of Scotty's Castle.
  • This fee waiver is separate from the educational fee waiver for entrance fee to Death Valley National Park.
  • To qualify for a fee waiver, the group bookings coordinator will require a description of the purpose of the trip to Scotty's Castle.
  • School groups must present a copy of their fee waiver and group confirmation letter to the ticket office.

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For more information on Group Reservation and fee waivers for Scotty's Castle, please contact:

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