Volunteer In the Parks (Long Term)

During the winter season, October through April, Death Valley has openings for long term volunteers. Positions may be as campground hosts, maintenance workers of any and all disciplines, or as assistants to scientific researchers working in the field. Volunteers should be committed to staying at least a minimum of three months, and since housing, other than campground hookups, is very limited, volunteers should be prepared to bring their homes with them.

Volunteer Groups (Short-Term)

Got a group of people (scouts, service club, extended group of friends/family, etc.) that would like to donate a half day or more to assisting Death Valley National Park?

Projects will depend upon current park needs, plus availability of park staff to coordinate the work day. The group's size, age, skills, interests, and available time will also be considered to match groups with the right volunteer opportunity. Potential projects include:

  • Litter pickup at popular sites, such as campgrounds and trails
  • Assisting with parking or visitor orientation at Star Parties or other special events
  • Removing nonnative plants (palm seedlings, Sahara mustard, etc.)
  • Wilderness restoration
  • Graffiti removal
  • Erasing tracks left by illegal off-road driving
  • Removing non-historic debris left by flood near Scotty's Castle
Contact Abby Wines (760-786-3221) to inquire about long-term individual volunteer opportunities, or Kira Lucier (760-786-3282 or e-mail us) to inquire about short-term group volunteer opportunities.

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Student Conservation Association (SCA)
The National Park Service needs volunteers throughout the year to assist with all aspects of park management: from archeological surveys to trail construction. Many of our volunteers work through the Student Conservation Association a non-profit organization that provides more than three thousand volunteers per year for conservation projects. For information on the SCA and on becoming a member, visit their website at www.thesca.org

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