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Notice: all Death Valley National Park permits have been temporarily suspended. This includes bus transportation permits, car testing permits, commercial activity permits, special use permits, film permits, and research permits. Please send permit questions to

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What kind of permit do you need?

four people taking pictures of mountains and salt flats as a man smiles at the camera

Commercial Use Authorization (CUA)

Photography and arts workshops, guided hiking, guided camping, bicycle trips and aid stations, transportation permits.

Commercial photographer taking picture of desert gold wildflower during the 2016 spring 'superbloom'

Commercial Film and Photography

Film or photography for commercial purposes such as a fashion shoot, filming of a commercial or shows, etc.

A man in a bright jacket stands above a crowd of people and speaks to them

Special Use Permits (SUP)

Weddings, commercial activities and tours, sporting events, and more require a permit.

pupfish being picked out of a blue bucket with a small net

Research Permits

To apply for a scientific research and collecting permit, visit the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System website.

Last updated: April 28, 2020

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