Unit 71: Ohio Creek

Quota: No limit – but group size must be 12 or less
USGS Quad Maps: Healy A6

Description: Glaciers and steep mountains make up most of this unit. The only area where it is possible to hike is along Ohio Creek below the terminus of the glaciers. The vegetation of this isolated valley is all alpine tundra.


Tips/Special Features: This alpine valley is remote and for the most part unexplored by backpackers.

Things to Consider: Access to the heart of this area is only by aircraft; so it is expensive to get here. There are other impressive areas just outside the National Park that could be explored in conjunction with a trip into the headwaters of Ohio Creek.

Access: There is a small airstrip 7 miles down stream from the park boundary that provides the only practical access to this unit. The northeastern corner of the unit is the west bank of the West Fork of the Chulitna River (Unit 70) so it would require crossing this major river to reach it.

Routes/Hiking Corridors: The only reasonable hiking route in the area is along Ohio Creek. The creek is generally crossable, especially the further upstream you go. The valley bottom near the airstrip is brushy at first but then opens up as you approach the park boundary. The creek bottom area within the park is all open tundra.

Additional Notes and/or Hazards: Hiker contemplating trips into or through this unit should contact the Backcountry Information Center or Talkeetna Ranger Station for more specific directions.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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