Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

Patrol volunteers pose for a photo
Volunteers work hard and play hard.  NPS Photo/Melis Coady

2017 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 36 mountaineering patrol volunteers of 2017 contributed a total of 9,616 work hours in protecting the mountain environment, providing medical and rescue assistance, and helping educate park visitors. Denali National Park could not do the job without them!
(* denotes volunteers who have served multiple climbing seasons on Denali)

Jaime Andersen
Stefan Beattie
Rick Black
Will Boardman
Susannah Bone
Adam Burns
Lisle Doria
Bud Dow*
Jennifer Dow*
Liz Dow*
Tre-C Dumais
Amanda Erickson
Dusty Eroh
Justin Fraser*
Pat Gault
Sydney Hartsock
Mark Homden
Elizabeth Keane
Rob Kutchin
Jeff Lane
Eeva Latosuo*
Tatiana Lawson
Andrew Peacock
Levi Pendleton
Mike Quinones*
Liz Rocco
Lisa Roderick*
James Shimas
Sam Siemens-Luthy
Thad Stavn
Cami Taysom*
Lance Taysom*
Shane Treat*
Andrea Tupy*
Ryan Van Luit
Gabe Webster

2016 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 31 mountaineering patrol volunteers of 2016 contributed a total of 7,436 work hours. (* denotes volunteers who have served multiple climbing seasons on Denali)

Amrit Ale
Nick Asher
Menno Boermans*
Wesley Burgess
Bobby Cosker
Jim Donovan
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Justin Fraser*
Michael Hutchins
Dahr Jamail*
Michael Jens
Christopher Martin
Steve Mock*
Mike Moxness
Allison Mulcahy
Brian Mulvihill*
Jaime Musnicki
Dr. Liam O'Sullivan
Bace J.X. Poplawski
Kakiko Ramos-Leon*
Alisa Royem
Phunuru Sherpa*
Shane Treat*
Jon Waterman
Ben Weaver*
Katie Weaver*
Dr. Nicholas Weinberg
Sue Wolff*
Volunteers at work

2015 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 32 mountaineering patrol volunteers donated a combined total of 8,095 hours to protecting Denali in 2015.
(* denotes returning VIP's)
Amanda Chriswell
Ben Chriswell
Tom Dancs
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Ashley Feerer
Justin Fraser*
Tressa Gibbard
Ken Karstens*
Dr. Andrew Latimer
Dr. Jenna Malone*
Paul Marcolini*
Emily McGinty
Dr. Scott Owens
Frank Preston*
Jedediah Purcell
Kakiko Ramos-Leon
Andrew Rich
Dr. Katie Russell*
Tom Schaefer*
Cooper Self
Kirby Senden
Jesse Taysom
Lance Taysom*
Mingma Tenzing
Hannah Termilliger
Martin Terwilliger*
Shane Treat*
Andrea Tupy
Cory Virden
Ben Weaver*
Katie Weaver*
Sue Wolff*

2014 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

Thank you to the invaluable mountaineering patrol volunteers who contributed 8,334 hours during the 2014 climbing season!

Quinn Cannon
Katy Chambers
Rusty Dehnish*
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Steve Hill
Jane Jackson
Renny Jackson*
Michael Kingsbury
Korinne Krieger
Keith Langenwalter
Leo Lloyd
Michael Lukens
Dr. Jenna Malone
Paul Marcolini*
Steve Mock
Brian Mulvihill
Chris Nussbickel
Craig Patterson*
Ann Piersall
Sam Piper
Michael Quinones
Van Roberts
Danuru Sherpa
Panuru Sherpa
Logan Talbott
Lance Taysom*
Diana Wendt
Tyler Wheeler
Steve Winslow
Sue Wolff*
Stay tuned as we work backwards in time to honor all our Mountaineering Volunteers from the early 1990's to the present.

Last updated: December 28, 2017

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