Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

Crevasse rescue review
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2018 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

Denali National Park is grateful to the 31 mountaineering patrol volunteers of 2018 who contributed a total of 6,952 work hours. (* denotes volunteers who have served multiple climbing seasons on Denali)

Dale Atkins
Sam Atkins
Taylor Bracher
John Byers
Beth Cleary
Francois Collard
Katherine Cooper*
Brian Desmond
Bud Dow*
Jennifer Dow*
Liz Dow*
Sarah Glaser
Amanda Goss
Brian Kasavana
Korinne Krieger*
Jenna Malone*
Chris Martin*
Steve Mock*
Brian Moe
Jenn Nissenbaum
Kakiko Ramos-Leon*
Brian Scheele*
Andrea Schneider
Lesley Seale
Drew Seitz
Kirby Senden*
Shane Treat*
Peter Wadsworth
Ben Weaver*
Katie Weaver*
Nick Weinberg*

In addition to Volunteers, other mountain patrol members in 2018 include Alaska Air National Guard Pararescuemen Matt Kirby and Andy Nichols. Other NPS employees assisting on mountain patrols include Climbing Ranger Ken Kreis from Grand Teton National Park; Denali Deputy Superintendent Denice Swanke; Denali Backcountry Ranger Jaz Ammon; and Physical Scientists Mike Loso and John Sykes from Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

Patrol volunteers pose for a photo
Volunteers work hard and play hard.  NPS Photo/Melis Coady

2017 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 36 mountaineering patrol volunteers of 2017 contributed a total of 9,616 work hours in protecting the mountain environment, providing medical and rescue assistance, and helping educate park visitors. Denali National Park could not do the job without them!
(* denotes volunteers who have served multiple climbing seasons on Denali)

Jaime Andersen
Stefan Beattie
Rick Black
Will Boardman
Susannah Bone
Adam Burns
Lisle Doria
Bud Dow*
Jennifer Dow*
Liz Dow*
Tre-C Dumais
Amanda Erickson
Dusty Eroh
Justin Fraser*
Pat Gault
Sydney Hartsock
Mark Homden
Elizabeth Keane
Rob Kutchin
Jeff Lane
Eeva Latosuo*
Tatiana Lawson
Andrew Peacock
Levi Pendleton
Mike Quinones*
Liz Rocco
Lisa Roderick*
James Shimas
Sam Siemens-Luthy
Thad Stavn
Cami Taysom*
Lance Taysom*
Shane Treat*
Andrea Tupy*
Ryan Van Luit
Gabe Webster

In addition to Volunteers, other 2017 mountain patrol members include Alaska Air National Guard Pararescuemen Chris Bailey. Other NPS employees assisting on mountain patrols include Denali Law Enforcement Rangers David Olson and Dave Stack; Denali Dispatcher Jessica O'Connor; and Denali Kennels Manager Jennifer Raffaeli.

2016 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 31 mountaineering patrol volunteers of 2016 contributed a total of 7,436 work hours. (* denotes volunteers who have served multiple climbing seasons on Denali)

Amrit Ale
Nick Asher
Menno Boermans*
Wesley Burgess
Bobby Cosker
Jim Donovan
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Justin Fraser*
Michael Hutchins
Dahr Jamail*
Michael Jens
Christopher Martin
Steve Mock*
Mike Moxness
Allison Mulcahy
Brian Mulvihill*
Jaime Musnicki
Dr. Liam O'Sullivan
Bace J.X. Poplawski
Kakiko Ramos-Leon*
Alisa Royem
Phunuru Sherpa*
Shane Treat*
Jon Waterman
Ben Weaver*
Katie Weaver*
Dr. Nicholas Weinberg
Sue Wolff*

Thank you to all other (non-VIP) patrol members, including Alaska Air National Guard Pararescuement Cody Inman and Jeff Hamilton. We were also fortunate to work with visiting Grand Teton National Park climbing program manager Scott Guenther and climbing ranger GR Fletcher. Additional thanks to three 'northside' rangers, including Chief Ranger Erika Jostad and Law Enforcement Rangers Nick Beheler and David Olson.
Volunteers at work

2015 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

The 32 mountaineering patrol volunteers donated a combined total of 8,095 hours to protecting Denali in 2015.
(* denotes returning VIP's)
Amanda Chriswell
Ben Chriswell
Tom Dancs
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Ashley Feerer
Justin Fraser*
Tressa Gibbard
Ken Karstens*
Dr. Andrew Latimer
Dr. Jenna Malone*
Paul Marcolini*
Emily McGinty
Dr. Scott Owens
Frank Preston*
Jedediah Purcell
Kakiko Ramos-Leon
Andrew Rich
Dr. Katie Russell*
Tom Schaefer*
Cooper Self
Kirby Senden
Jesse Taysom
Lance Taysom*
Mingma Tenzing
Hannah Termilliger
Martin Terwilliger*
Shane Treat*
Andrea Tupy
Cory Virden
Ben Weaver*
Katie Weaver*
Sue Wolff*

Four Pararescuemen from the Alaska Air National Guard also served on patrols this season, including Pat Gault, Jason Dykstra, Chris Robertson, and Allen-Mikel Armstrong.

2014 Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP's)

Thank you to the invaluable mountaineering patrol volunteers who contributed 8,334 hours during the 2014 climbing season!

Quinn Cannon
Katy Chambers
Rusty Dehnish*
Dr. Jennifer Dow*
Steve Hill
Jane Jackson
Renny Jackson*
Michael Kingsbury
Korinne Krieger
Keith Langenwalter
Leo Lloyd
Michael Lukens
Jenna Malone
Paul Marcolini*
Steve Mock
Brian Mulvihill
Chris Nussbickel
Craig Patterson*
Ann Piersall
Sam Piper
Michael Quinones
Van Roberts
Danuru Sherpa
Panuru Sherpa
Logan Talbott
Lance Taysom*
Diana Wendt
Tyler Wheeler
Steve Winslow
Sue Wolff*

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