Cabin Construction By Subsistence Users

Use of cabins, for subsistence purposes, within Denali National Park and Preserve is allowed by permit from the Superintendent. This user must be a local rural resident who is eligible for subsistence hunting or trapping in the Park or Preserve where the structure is located.

The Superintendent may designate cabins or other structures for use by local rural subsistence users as shared use cabins. Occupancy of structures specifically designated for shared use does not require a permit.

The Superintendent may permit the construction of a new cabin or other new structure for subsistence purposes. He / she may do so only if a tent or other temporary facility would not adequately and reasonably accommodate the applicant’s subsistence uses without significant hardship and if no other type of cabin or structure would adequately and reasonably accommodate these uses. The decision is based on traditional use and impacts to the values and purposes for which the park was established.

For new subsistence cabins, the Superintendent must provide for shared use by other local rural subsistence residents.

Last updated: January 21, 2016

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