Rules of Driving the Denali Park Road

This video explains the procedures and rules required of people who drive on the Denali Park Road, beyond Savage River (Mile 15). Employees of the National Park Service and holders of Denali Park Road passes (e.g., private property owners, etc) must watch this video before driving the park road.

Please note that private vehicle traffic is generally restricted at Mile 15; most park visitors will not drive beyond this point, and do not need to watch this video. Visitors are encouraged to sight-see along the park road via one of the many bus services offered.

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4 minutes, 6 seconds

This video introduces you to the character of the Denali Park Road and looks at the challenges and conditions you'll face if you drive beyond the paved portion (i.e., the first 15 of the road's 92 miles).


Authorized Areas for Temporary Stops Along the Denali Park Road

During the summer season, there are certain areas approved by the Denali National Park and Preserve superintendent for temporary stops by buses or single vehicles along the road.

This information is generally only needed for companies and organizations operating buses on the park road, or the rare individual who has a permit to drive the road. The general public won't need to know this information in detail.

Download a zip folder of map data. The folder contains:

  • Multi-page maps (one with a topographic background, one with a satellite image background). These are probably the best option for users who want to print the entire sequence and refer to it while on the road.
  • Single-page maps (again, one with a topo background and one with a satellite image background). These are geo-referenced, meaning they can be used in third-party products, like Avenza Maps, to refer to your actual location within the PDF while on the road.
  • Data files that can be used in a GPS device or a third-party application, like Google Earth, to visualize the locations.
In addition to the versions above, you can also use the interactive map below to browse through the approved temporary stops.

Last updated: May 10, 2021

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