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This subarctic wilderness is home to more than 1,500 species of vascular plants, mosses and lichens. They form the foundation of the park's ecosystems and define the habitat characteristics for all of the more famous and recognizable denizens of Denali National Park such as moose, wolves, eagles, caribou and grizzly bears. Without the rich and diverse vegetation communities that blanket the park landscape, this area would be entirely barren of animal life. Therefore, preserving the precious botanical resources of the park is central to conserving and maintaining the entire intact subarctic ecosystem here.

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spruce trees surround a bright yellow flower
Explore Plant Groups

Discover more about the over 1500 plant species that call Denali home.

a researcher kneels on a gravel hillside with a quad
Tracking Vegetation Change

Efforts to understand where and why plants grow are critical to predicting where they will exist in the future.

a person uses a cell phone app to identify a flower
DenaliFlora Plant ID App

Identify a new-to-you flower, or learn more about a plant you already recognize with this free mobile app and electronic field guide.

two volunteers work to pull invasive dandelions that grow along the side of the road
Protecting Denali's Vegetation

One of the great joys of botany in Denali is the intact plant communities. Discover more about how Denali protects its vegetation.

a researcher sits on the tundra with a mountain in the background
A Living Laboratory

Denali is a living laboratory. Discover more about plant-related research that has taken place in the park.


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