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Home to over 1500 plant species, Denali is a wonderful place to enjoy native vegetation and the mosaic of habitats it creates. While studying single species can reveal unique stories of survival, competition, and biogeographical history, it can be difficult to know where to start. Examining functional groupings like growth form (i.e., trees, shrubs, grasses) can be useful in gaining a broad understanding of Denali’s subarctic flora.

Choose from a category below or skip to the Ecological Atlas of Denali’s Flora to search for information on a specific species.

Explore Denali's Plant Groups

  • a fly sits on a purple, bell-like flower
    Most Abundant Plant Species

    What plants are might you find during your Denali visit? Discover some of Denali's most abundant species and where you might find them.

  • a group of evergreen spruce trees on a mountainside

    There are only a handful of trees that are found in Denali. Learn what trees are here and how they survive in the frigid subarctic.

  • bright colored short shrubs carpet the ground
    Shrubs and Dwarf Shrubs

    There is a much higher diversity of shrub species in Denali compared to trees. Learn more about the shrubs that can be found in the park.

  • a group of bright pink flowers
    Wildflowers - Forbs

    Forbs are herbaceous flowering plant species. This category includes those plant species people think of as "wildflowers".

  • a group of bright green multi-branched horsetails
    Ferns & Horsetails

    These plants are a throwback to ancient ancestors. Learn more about these intriguing plants.

  • grasses wave in the wind on a cloudy day
    Grasses, Sedges, & Rushes

    Numerous types of grasses and sedges can be found covering Denali's hillsides. Learn more about these abundant plants.

  • lush green moss carpets a forest floor
    Mosses & Liverworts

    Find out want is beneath your feet by discovering more about the squishy forest floor.

  • a rock is covered with orange splotchy lichen

    Lichens are not actually plants but rather symbiotic organisms. Learn about these fascinating organisms.

  • a group of bright yellow dandelions
    Non-Native Plant Species

    Discover how Denali tackles alien plant species that try to make the park their home.

Last updated: June 14, 2018

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