Denali's Butterflies

butterfly on bluebell flower

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Denali National Park and Preserve is home to diverse array of plant life. These plants rely on pollinators to reproduce. Pollinators stop by in search of nectar and other rewards. Along their journey, they collect and deposit pollen from plant to plant and aid the reproduction process.

There are over 50 species of butterflies in Denali, making them an important part of the ecosystem. We can thank them, along with the many other pollinators in Alaska, for the colorful displays of wildflowers in the spring, and the wealth of berries in the fall.

Learn more about pollination in Denali with this interactive story map.

Denali Butterfly Species List
butterfly on sandy ground

Skippers (Hesperiidae)

Butterflies in the family Hesperiidae

two butterflies on the ground

Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks

Butterflies in the Family Lycaenidae

butterfly on plant

Brush-Footed butterflies

Butterflies in the Family Nymphalidae

butterfly on flowers

Swallowtails, Parnassians

Butterflies in the Family Papilionidae

butterfly on sandy ground

Whites, Sulphurs, Yellows

Butterflies in the Family Pieridae


Last updated: February 12, 2019

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